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Jun 19, 2018

QC25 - Right Ear not working - Bose wont replace

Having read through the forum i see many people saying they had an issue sounding very similar that the audio in the right ear had stopped and that, even if out of warranty, that Bose would replace the headphones as this was a known issue. 


My warranty ran out 9 weeks ago by my count and i have only used these headphones for long haul flights, once per month for about 14 months, after that my overseas assignment was over so i stopped using them unless on holiday flights. Well, i called today and apparently my serial number wasnt affected by these issues, which seems very bizarre to me, and that it would be £130 or so to replace the headphones. So given the intermittent and extremely light use i am completely unwilling to shell out another £130 for the privelege of a replacement pair.


I'm just wondering if anybody has encountered anything similar, if there are any potential solutions to the issue that wont cost as much, or, if there is any way Bose can assist me on here? It would be very much appreciated, and i dont really have that kind of money anymore to be paying to fix them. 

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Dec 15, 2016

Re: QC25 - Right Ear not working - Bose wont replace

Hello jhbroch,


Thank you for writing in, and sorry to hear about the trouble you had with your headphones. We can understand how frustrating that can be, but unfortunately, there isn't much we can do from here. You would need to follow back up with your local Bose Support for any further action going forward. 


Thank you again, 



Mohsin - Community Support