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Dec 1, 2017

QC30 - Rubber & Bluetooth

The rubber at the end of the collar is coming away from the hard plastic cover, almost to the point now where its like wings...   is this normal?

Also, I recently bought a new iPhone. I press and hold the on/off button to try and get it to pair with the phone, but the blue light doesnt come on at all. I've tried deleting paired lists, reset phone, turned it off and back on, but it just doest seem to go into pair mode...   why???

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Re: QC30 - Rubber & Bluetooth

Hi pclark_uk,


Thank you for joining the Bose Community. I'm sorry you're having an issue with the rubber at the end of the collar. No, this is not normal. The pairing issue should not be happening either.


These are definitely service issues. Please follow this link to Bose product support for your area

Click your country, then scroll down until you see local contact information.  Call or write to us and we'll get this resolved for you.


Please let us know how you make out with Bose Support.


Thank you,