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Jun 22, 2019

QC30 Static solution to the problem (maybe)

Hello all, I have had several QC30 headphones (latest bought March 2018 in Japan). The latest one soon had horrible static and noise, it was unusable and I was very angry because all the forums had no solutions, and these are premium priced devices.


However, I noticed that I always left the headphones on when I charged them. Once I turned them off when I put them on the charger, the noise became less and less as time passed, and after about two weeks there was no problem. They have been working very well ever since.


But why do I have to tell you this? Bose has a real customer support issue.

Also, I have a perfectly good QC30 which will no longer charge. There is no Bose batttery replacemant support, so I will have to do it myself, but most people cannot do it.


I really would like to support Bose over Sony in the wireless noise reducing headset area, but as long as their attitude is to screw the customer with **bleep**-for-brains support, I would recomment people to consider other products.


Nick in Japan 


It is very clear Bose does not