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Feb 24, 2018

QC30 humming when touching iPad/charging cable



Anyone noticed that when you are using the QC30, when you touch with your fingers the end of a charging cable (in my case the ipad lightning cable, I also tried a normal micro USB), the QC30 will start humming. Although I can assume the body get some electromagnetic charge, but it is the first time I hear this! (I also own a SoundSport Wireless, which does not not produce a hum when touching such cable).


The reason I found out, was that when I hold my iPad (touching the back panel) with the charging cable connected, the QC30 hums. When I disconnect the cable, and touch the iPad it does not hum.


Hm...... odd. Anyone care to try with their Wireless (ANC) headset and hear whether you can replicate this issue? Kinda annoying when you are using your iPad and it needs to be charged!