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Sep 1, 2018

QC30 music/call sound quality

I have been buying and returning various wireless headphones from my local best buy to hopefully find a suitable usage option. I work heavy construction and the noise cancelling works very well for damping equipment and backup alarms. Unfortunately, the sound quality of music is far below par when compared to other brands. Bass has plenty of punch but the mudrange frequencies(pun intended) sound very damped and muddy sounding. High end Monster, Sony, Jabra, JBL, etc, literally crushes this model on sound quality. Won't even comment on the background noise and call quality issues that many have already complained about. I wear a hardhat so over ear models are not an option and the QC30's should also be a bit louder. That volume limitation should not be up to Bose to protect my hearing. If it's extra noisy it should be my choice to crank the volume and jam out at my own predetermined and calculated risk. If there was an available app option to tune the sound to my taste via equalizer I may have kept this model. Still looking for a great noise cancelling set with decent volume potential and customizable sound. Just goes to show that price point doesn't always dictate product superiority and I'm very disappointed Bose would release such a poor quality entertainment based product such as this.