These updates will be available on the site and over the air via the Connect App.


The QC35 update includes:


The introduction of multiple Acoustic Noise Cancellation (ANC) modes: High, Low and Off.


High – World-class noise cancellation with Bose optimized audio.  This is the same as full ANC and there have been no changes.


Low – Noise Cancellation fine tuned for audio listening in quieter or windy environments.

Off – Noise cancellation disabled.


With this new feature in place, it’s important to note that the audio quality in the “Off” mode is not as good as the active EQ when the ANC is on and enabled.


These modes are only available in the Bose Connect App, as shown below, and cannot be accessed or adjusted using the headset controls.


ANR-Mode-Icon.jpg  settings-ANR-Modes.jpg   ANR-Mode-Descpriptions.jpg




  • Fix for voice prompt issues with Japanese and Mandarin
    Fixes an issue where the voice prompt language in both Mandarin and Japanese would announce the “call from name” in Chinese
  • Fix for compatibility issue with PlayStation VITA
    Fixes an issue where first time pairing with PlayStation VITA allows audio to comes through the headset but not after power-cycling the headset
  • Fix for WhatsApp issue
    Fixes an issue where you cannot listen to the WhatsApp voice message when listening to a music source, such as Apple Music or Spotify. Before the fix, you would have to manually stop the music then play the voice message. Now, you can play voice messages and the music will stop automatically; Once the message is done, the music will return