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May 14, 2019

QC35 II - ANC causing pressure(?) in ears and audio quality/ANC using the cable

Just got the QC35 II yesterday and have been playing around with them. Build date states it was mdae in Feb '19. I downloaded the bose connect app and updated f/w to the headphones. I even tried the "reset" option I've seen mentioned here by Mods; turning off, plugging them into the wall USB charger, unplugging and all that.


First: Does anyone else feel like when using ANC it causes some pressure to build up in your ears? It's somewhat uncomfortable. ANC doesn't even seem to work at all for certain frequencies. Like I can snap my fingers and hear it perfectly. Other stuff it does ok with.


But its mostly that pressure that's very bothersome. Doe all ANC headphones cause this? Do the Sony's do this too?


Second: Using the audio cable to connect devices has it's own issues. I use them for late at night to not disturb others. The PS4 doesn't allow BT audio so I have to plug them into the controller via the cable.... which is ironic sine it's controllers use BT I believe. But when using the cable, if the headphones are turned off, the audio aounds terrible. But if I turn them on, it dounds much better but ANC turns on and is not defeatable.


Does anyone knows what's going on here? Is there some sort of extra processing going on when the headphones are turned on vs off? And why does ANC turn on and cannot be turned off? I've tried this on my computer too, to verify it wasn't the Sony's controller and I have the same issue. Audio quality is crap when the power is off. And when it's on, the ANC turns on (on "High" I think) and I cannot turn it off.


Thanks for your help!