QC35 II Cannot answer incoming call when connected to multiple devices

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QC35 II Cannot answer incoming call when connected to multiple devices

This topic was already raised here:


but I have not seen any follow up; nor it seems possible to update that thread.


This is a confirmed bug in the QC35 software: essentially, when the headphones are connected to both an iPhone / iPad and there is an incoming call, the answer button does not answer the call, but instead a beep is emitted (and continues to beep) but nothing much else happens.

The call can be manually answered on the iPhone / iPad and then the headphones selected as the audio device from the iPhone menu, but this is really cumbersome.


This is disappointing, as being able to connect to both devices is a GREAT feature (I wasn't even aware that was possible, I would have bought the headphones on that feature alone) and everything works rather flawlessly (so far, anyway) but having to play games to answer a call is a bit of a let down.


Disconnecting either devices then results in calls being picked using the multi-function button without problem (on both devices) so it really seems to be the dual connection to confuse the headphones (or bluetooth, or something).


Could someone from Bose provide an answer as to whether a fix is being considered?

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Re: QC35 II Cannot answer incoming call when connected to multiple devices

Hi massenz,


Thank you for posting and welcome!


I'm sorry to hear about your frustration with the QC35 II, but I'd like to see if I can help. Another user was able to resolve their issue with this by disabling the "Calls from iPhone" under the FaceTime app on their iPad.


If you have that installed, I would suggest to check those settings and let us know if that helps.


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Joel - Community Support


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Re: QC35 II Cannot answer incoming call when connected to multiple devices

Well, of course.

But that's a useful feature too, and it's there for a reason (as a former Apple developer, I'm sure my colleagues would be sad to hear I've disabled a feature they worked on hard, only because I needed to work around a Bose bug...): it's not clear at all to me that the Bose headphone should not be able to either by itself, or with the user's guidance (there is an App, after all, that you guys force onto us, isn't there? let us configure a "preferred device to answer call") figure out what to do about an incoming call.


Also, Bluetooth should be smart enough to give the device enough of a hint to figure out where to answer the incoming call from.


What I was asking wasn't so much a fix (there isn't *technically* one - your software does have a bug), but more like whether Bose is aware of the issue, and are you guys going to do something about it in the next (or whenever) firmware update.


Thanks in advance for passing this on to your engineering team (they may be glad to know about it, one never knows).


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