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Mar 4, 2019

QC35 II Microphone mixed into headphone signal (firmware issue?)

I have the following:

  • QC35 II with 3.1.8 Firmware (latest)
  • Win10 fully patched
    • (Which is a *very common* Operating system)
  • Lenovo t470s with AC 8265 bluetooth module with intel driver version (latest)
    • (Which is a *very common* BT module)


Whenever I activate the "Handsfree Telephony" I get the microphone signal mixed into what I get on my ears - that means I get the background noise etc. amplified and fed into my ears. (the exact opposite of "noise cancelling" by the way..)


When I deactivate the service like in the screenshot above, I have no microphone available and can not use the headset to make calls.


I bought this headset to use as a communication device for my laptop and so far it is completely useless.



Retried on Linux (Ubuntu bionic beaver)

I get the same behavior as soon as I switch to HSP/HFP: I can hear background noise that is picked up by the microphone in the headphones, especially my typing.


Update 2:

Retried on Android (Nokia 1 with Android 8.1.0)

I get the same behavior as soon as I make a call, so at the time the device switches from A2DP to HSP/HSF it starts mixing in the microphone signal into the channel that is played back to the ears.


Update 3:

I switched to my Shure RMCE-BT1 headset and it does *not* do that. I don't get the microphone signal mixed into my ears directly.

So it seems the people at shure understand that you don't mix the mic into the playback channel, the people at BOSE don't..


And to be 100% clear - I did not make a call, just activating the HSP/HSF profile is enough to get this behavior.

I am very disappointed in BOSE, how can anyone have the idea it would be cool to mix surrounding noise into the audio output of a *noise cancelling* headset - that's just braindead.


Update 4:

Thinking about the issue, this is so "off" that it can not possibly be on purpose - can this be an issue of the 3.1.8 firmware?


Call for help: Can one of you guys try who does not yet have the 3.1.8 installed?


Steps to reproduce:

  1.  Connect QC 35 to device
  2. In "music mode" (A2DP) verify how typing sounds through noise reduction
  3. Switch to HSP/HSP
    1. In Windows: activate and use "Handsfree Telephony" service under headset in device manager (Devices and Printers)
    2. In Linux: Change profile in bluetooth device settings (easy)
    3. In Android: Call any number that will not pick up the phone and just let the phone ring (initiate a call)
  4. In "call mode" (HSP/HSF) verify how loud typing sounds and how you can suddenly hear what your mic picks up
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Mar 4, 2019

Re: QC35 II Microphone mixed into headphone signal (firmware issue?)

Alright, it's called sidetone it's a feature and the mic pics up every noise in the surrounding, by design too. This is just wrong.
My QC 35 is on eBay, farewell Bose, never again - what a waste of time and money.
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Apr 15, 2019

Re: QC35 II Microphone mixed into headphone signal (firmware issue?)

I get this exact behavior, and it makes it impossible for me to use the QC 35 ii for conference calls.  This static behavior happens on Android, Windows 10, and on Iphone.  Anytime the microphone is enabled, there is a distinct static that is audible.  I can clearly hear shuffling noises, and the clicking of my keys in my ears.  The static starts to give me a headache on longer calls.  I have the QC 15, and this kind of static feedback is not present during phone calls.  It's to the point where I use the QC 15 for phone calls, and the QC 35 ii for other purposes.  This is extremely frustrating. 


I have the latest firmware version (4.3.6), and I'm sitting in a very quiet room (even turned the fan off).  As soon as a call is initiated and the mic is enabled, the static starts.  As soon as the call is ended, and the mic turned off, the static stops.


Is this really a "feature", or this is a defective device?  I have tried restarting the headset as other posts have suggested, and confirmed it is happening across all devices.


Re: QC35 II Microphone mixed into headphone signal (firmware issue?)

Hi Brownmagic83, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community. 


When using the headphones are you connecting via Bluetooth? 


Please ensure that the headphones are only connected to a device using the Bluetooth stereo audio profile (A2DP).

In the settings menu of the connected device, be sure the headset profile is enabled. Once enabled, unpairing, re-pairing and reconnecting the headphones to the device may be needed. 


While waiting for your response I will be passing this feedback onto the development team. 


Kind Regards, 

Hector B