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Mar 10, 2019

QC35 II Pausing Google Music

I received a pair of QC35 II for Christmas and this weekend started to experience an issue wherein music that is streaming from my iPhone 8 through Google Music pauses randomly and frequently.


I also have my headphones connected to my Microsoft Surfacebook laptop and have noticed a significant difference in the audio quality and lack of volume control.


All of the devices that I mentioned have up to date firmware.  I have also read several other threads and tried all of the remedies listed.


As a former Bose employee, I am sincerely disappointed with this issue and hope that you can help!

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: QC35 II Pausing Google Music

You probably want to understand better the nature of the pause and where that is happening.  It may be happening because of your router or your Internet provider.  If you have more than one band, say 5 Ghz versus 2.4 Ghz, try them both.  Try a different wifi like the free ones you get at Starbucks.  Try 4G/5G.  See if there is a pattern through any of your Internet connections.  Try wifi at a friends house if they use a different carrier (for example in the US, Xfinity versus AT&T).  If you find you are having issues with just one - that could mean something or suggest a pattern.  If it is all of them, then see if your problem is happening only with Google streaming.  Try say, playing music on youtube or Spotify, for example.  See if it is just the Google app or all the apps.  If it is all the apps, then that suggests it could be your phone, for example.

You could try another phone or another BT device, but in my opinion with all due respect to the vendors, Apple and Bose, that will not address your problem.  You have an iphone and a QC35.


Just to clarify, your sound issues is with the Surfacebook, correct?  If so, it may be using the wrong device - the one associated with voice over IP phone calls (using HFP) and not the one associated with stereo stream (using A2DP).  Check that out.  I don't have that laptop, but assuming you are using the stereo rendering device, the volume controls on a windows machine come from either windows itself or the app that you are using to play the music.  You may want to check out another app and see if you have better controls.