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Mar 19, 2019

QC35 II headphones: ability to set noise cancelling to "off" by default

As far as I can tell, the QC35 II headphones can only be configured to *always* start up with noise cancellation mode set to maximum.


If you want to turn off noise cancellation, you can sort of do it, but you have to:

  * First, install the Bose Connect app on a smartphone, and give the app permission to see your current location.

  * Now, sync the headphones and set the "action" button to the "cycle through noise cancellation settings" mode.

  * At this point, you can press the button a few times in order to cycle through HIGH, LOW, and OFF modes.


But when you turn off the headphones and turn them back on again, this setting is lost.


Does Bose make a set of headphones with a hardware button for this feature? Seems too bad that you have to sacrifice your "action" button for this purpose. The headphones have a ton of features and connect to so many things, it's weird that they forgot how to be headphones.


I figure I'll see if there's a solution, and if not, return them in the next 12 days while they're still in the return window.

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Feb 26, 2019

Re: QC35 II headphones: ability to set noise cancelling to "off" by default

Hello Aww, 

Thank you for reaching out to the community, sorry to hear that you are having issues. 

In the owner's manual of the QC 35 II Headphones, Just under the description of the Noise Cancelling Modes (Page 21) 
there is a note explaining that each time you power on the headphones, your noise cancelling mode defaults to High. 

The action button is primarily used for Noise cancelling, but you can set the action button for voice assistant via the Connect app. 

If you are ever in doubt about a product, I would suggest visiting a local Bose store and seeing about a product demonstration. 

Hope this helps! 

Kind regards 
Liam G - Community Support