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Sep 2, 2014

QC35 Series II Firmware Update 2.1.3 - Available Sept 21st



On September 21st, 2017 at approximately 9:00am (EST), a new firmware update (version 2.1.3) will be available for the QC35 series II headset.  This update is included with the Bose Connect app software release (version 5.0.), see details here: Bose Connect App 5.0. This update is available on the btu.bose.com site and over the air via the Connect App.


We recommend all QC35 series II owners should update their headset as soon as possible to take advantage of the enhancements and bug fixes.


V2.1.3 Release Notes/Bug Fixes:


  • Fixes an audio dropout issue on iOS 11 during a Google Assistant response
  • Fixes and iOS issue where Google Assistant voice query is not played on headset while streaming music
  • Improves audio muting response time when the Action button is pressed to cue Google Assistant
  • Fixes an issue where A2DP audio might interrupt Google Assistant
  • Resolves some multi-point bugs
  • Improves OTA update process when a phone call comes in on the device
  • Resolves intermittent audio issues when paired to some Macs
  • Fixes intermittent audio issue when the headset is paired to Mac and mobile device in multi-point and Google Assistant is being used
  • Fixes an issue where voice dial does not work when changing the action button functionality from Google Assistant to noise cancelling
  • General Google Assistant bug fixes