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Jan 24, 2017

QC35 and Apple iPhone 6. Alarms and Timer

I'm a new owner of the QC35. Over all, I love it.


But I have run into a problem early on. I can not get the Bluetooth connection to allow me to set a timer or an alarm and have it interrupt listening to music. At the appointed time the music will pause but the alarm is not heard thru the headphones.


It does work fine with the wired connection. It's just the Bluetooth connection that fails. So it's not a mission critical issue. Just an annoyance. I hope that Bose will look at this.




Re: QC35 and Apple iPhone 6. Alarms and Timer

Dave Atwater,


By design the IPhone will not play the alarm clock through Bluetooth. However, we have heard some users have had success downloading a third party alarm clock app that would allow you to accomplish what you are looking to do. Go HERE for a link to Apple support that discusses the relationship between the IPhone alarm and Bluetooth.