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Dec 15, 2016

Re: QC35 mic picking up background noise

Hi davidrljames,


Thanks for posting. I am so sorry to hear that. That would best be left to your local support team. I would recommend continuing to work with your local support team for assistance. Here is a link you can use if you need it. Click on your region, scroll down until you see "Contact Us."




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Oct 1, 2018

Re: QC35 mic picking up background noise

Local support just want to replace my headphones.

Old thread, states this issue cannot be fixed by hardware or software. So headphones are faulty.

Replacing them does not fix.

Mine are older than 12 months so I cannot return to vendor.

Are Bose going to do a recall on these headphones? Or offer refunds?

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Apr 2, 2020

Re: QC35 and QC30 for communications

I received today the headphones Bose quietcomfort 35 II. 

[removed by moderator], FIRMWARE VERSION 4.5.2 - updated today after instalation the app on my Samsung galaxy A6.
There is an issue with the microphone during calls via normal call, or different appliation ex.facebook messenger. I will decribe the issue after I tell you that I checked the forum on bose .com and I see that this issue it is from many years already (from 2017) and bose was unable to fix it yet. All the time is giving confused answers and avoid to recognise that they have a problem related to the microphone.
The problem is: during the calls the microphone pick up the noise from around and amplify it and I can hear it loud and is not pleasant at all, actully is almost imposibile to have a normal conversation without to feel frustrated from the bad quality sound which is related to the microphone amplification sounds.
The same situation is if I listen youtube via laptop, I connected the headphones via BT to laptop, and when the video is playing on youtube, the microphone get on and amplify the noise from around, i can hear very loud the mouse click and the keyboard when I type.
The same situation is when I use facebook messenger on the phone or on the laptop.
The same situation if I use it with th elaptop if I click on the volume bar to make louder or quiter, the microphone get active for few seconds and i can hear amplified sound from around. 
The noise cancelation it is enough good. Listening music on youtube on the phone it is ok with no noise in comparation with  Laptop where is a lot of noise (I am using windows 10 and it is updated 2 days ago).
Wearing the headphones is not soo cofortable as almost everybody speack, after using them continuously 3 hours, I alredy have pain on my years. This I can accept, but the bad sound quality during calls it is imposibile to nderstand it.
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Oct 29, 2020

Bose QuietControl 30, complaints about sound quality when making calls.

Hello again.


On Thursday, I posted the information and questions below.


On Friday, it had been archived with a non-response referencing the same threads that I'm commenting on initially in my post. The questions I'm actually interested in having answered, were not even remotely touched upon. So; I re-posted and specified that my questions had _not been addressed_ and that I'm not interested in knowing about if there will be a firmware update and if/when this will happen, only to find the post being deleted shortly there after......


What the heck, moderators. Can you please stop burying this issue and have someone actually address my questions? As said, I will not yield until given an answer.


So, AGAIN; I am not interested in knowing about the status of firmware updates. Read the entire post and please, conjure an answer.




It seems all the threads regarding the QuietControl 30 and it's abysmal mic audio quality have been closed. Even the threads where moderators are requesting more information, there's no indication in the initial post that it has been closed besides the current location for the thread in the breadcrumbs (Archive).


I've already gone through the hassle of getting a replacement headset through the retailer I bought it from, which sent it directly to Bose. It was replaced without any indication as to what lead to this decision. Sadly, the replacement device has the exact same issues, namely:
- Excessive background noise to voice ratio.
- What little of my voice that gets through being extremely muffled even when in a silent room, where the only noise is a computer with fans running at low rpms (3-700 rpm, 120mm BeQuiet! fans and an AMD Prism cooler).


Do I understand the situation correctly when I state that Bose does not want to make further attempts at resolving this issue and acknowledge that there's a massive failure in how this device is manufactured - or at the very best, has extremely misleading advertising?


Will Bose recall these devices? Or are you willing to sacrifice the trust of your customer base for 350 € a pop?