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Mar 7, 2019

QC35 emits deep noise on right ear with ANC ON

Hi everyone,


I'm from Chile and I have a QC35 since June 9, 2017, and it has been working properly until this week.

The right ear emits noise with ANC On, is like a heavy deep bass sound and it gets worse when there is more outside noise to cancel, its really annoying and defeats all the ANC purpose.


I contacted my local Bose support and received the following response "Bose doesn't allow us to repair their headphones, your only choice is to request a replacement if your product is within warranty", and well, my product is almost two years old so no warranty.


I was willing to pay a repair but found out that Bose won't even allow it, expecting me to buy another expensive headphones. Even more than the price in the US, here in Chile they can double their value in USD.


If things are like this, then this brand is dead to me, this is wrong in so many ways, really, Is there no other solution for this?


EDIT: My QC35 is updated to the latest firmware, already tried resetting it and clearing the pairing list, but the problem persists.

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Feb 26, 2019

Re: QC35 emits deep noise on right ear with ANC ON

Hi artorius,


Thank you for posting to the forum. I'm sorry to hear that your QC35 headphones have stopped working correctly when ANC is enabled.


Due to their intricacy, and for reasons of hygiene, we do not repair headphones. Instead, we offer an exchange service. If the headphones are outside of their warranty period then there is a charge — usually, this would be cheaper than a new pair of headphones. However, as we do not have an office in Chile, our authorized service representative has to factor other costs, such as the import of parts, into the price of service. This means that they can not offer the service for the price that we can. I'm sorry that this is the case. As our brand grows, we aim to standardize our service worldwide.


It's possible that we may be able to troubleshoot the issue if you haven't already. There are definitely a couple of things worth checking:


• Have you tried playing audio from more than one device?

• Does the sound occur even when the headphones are not being worn?

• Are both ear cushions securely affixed to the earcup? If they are not connected properly, the noise canceling can be affected.

• Make sure the screen covered earcup ports are not blocked. Blocked or covered earcup ports may cause squealing, feedback or other audio performance issues.


I look forward to your response.


Best regards,


Patrick A - Community Support