QC35 pairing with PC Windows 7

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QC35 pairing with PC Windows 7



I have been trying to fix this for several hours and I have come to ask for help. I am trying to pair my QC35 with my Lenovo Thnikpad E530 (windows 7 64 bits) and it does not seem to be possible. I am able to pair the headset, but they appear disconnected in the playback list. I tried updating/deleting/reinstalling the drivers, pairing from the devices window then with the bluetooth devices window and nothing helps. It seems to be an issue for a lot of people, what is the solution ? I can't believe they won't work !


Thanks !


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Re: Bose QC 35 II Windows 7 PC install

Installing the latest Intel driver resolved the issue for me. Set the headset as the default sound, now all working. 


thanks for the help 


Re: QC35 pairing with PC Windows 7



Sorry to hear that. The QC35 is engineered to work with both computers and mobile devices, but users seem to report that they work better with mobile devices because of the uniformity of the operating systems.


There is another post here, that discusses this topic and offers some solutions that have been reported to work .


Come back and let us know





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Bose QC 35 II Windows 7 PC install

I recently bought the QC 35 II headphones and its been a nighmare getting it to work with my Windows 7 desktop. I thought a simple bluetooth dongle will get it connected and working, however, I have tried every trick to get this headset to connect and work to no avail. While the headset connects to my mobile phone and my mobile phone is able to connect to the desktop via the bluetooth dongle and work, the headset is not working, even when it is detected and connected. Here are the steps I have done so far, hope you can help me further:

1) Have the bluetooth dongle connected to the Windows 7 desktop and made sure that it is working, by syncing my andriod mobile to it and ensured that I am able to work with my phone, can do file transfer etc.
2) Selected to Add a device and used the bluetooth switch on the headphone to pair. The headphone got detected in the Add a device menu and Windows informed me that files required are being installed.
3) The headset is now shown in the devices and printers, with a Warning (!) sign. Checking the properties, I see that two of the driver software are not installed.
4) Checked the device manager, and as I see, there are two entries with warning (!) under Other devices, both are bluetooth peripheral devices.
5) Used the below steps in the youtube, to update those entries:
Now the headset is shown without the warning sign.
6) Double clicking on the headset shows that it is connected to the computer and I have two options enabled: Listening to Music and Making calls.
7) The Speaker icon in the taskbar has 'x' sign. Doubleclicked on it and it tries to troubleshoot with the wizard and gives me two entries for this headset: "Bluetooth Headphones - Bluetooth Audio", "Bluetooth Headset - Bluetooth Audio". None of these work when I select them and proceed to next.
8) In the Sound setting, in control panel, the 'Bluetooth Headset' and 'Bluetooth Audio' entries are listed, they are greyed out, they are enabled in their Properties - Device Usage. Right clicking on them gives me an option to 'Connect', but that does not do anything.

I have tried many suggestions given here to no avail.

I wish Bose could have charged a few extra and given a compatible connector for easy connectivity.

Please helpSound.pngSound TroubleshootingSound settings2.pngSound PropertiesSound settings1.pngHeadset PropertiesDevices and printers.pngDevices and Printers, Headset with BT peripheral driver not installeddevice manager.pngDevice Managerdevice manager update drivers.pngUpdating the BT Peripheral driversBTPerphdriverupdated.pngAfter the update.pngadd hardware.pngAdd DeviceAdd Device complete.pngAdd Device CompleteBT OPtions.pngEnabled options

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Re: Bose QC 35 II Windows 7 PC install

It was like going through hell, but I finally managed to get this working and would like to share some inputs for people like me who have this issue. Windows stack doesn't support Bluetooth Low Energy communication in Windows 7, hence Bose QC 35 II is not designed to work with Windows 7 at all. For it to get working on my Windows 7 PC, I have the following steps I can suggest:


1) Get a bluetooth dongle, install it and get it working. I got a CSR 4.0 dongle, installed and and paired it with my mobile and verified that I am able to transfer files.

2) With only the above, you may be able to get the headset identified and installed via Add a device, but it will not work. For it to get working, it is required to install a third part driver that enables Bluetooth low energy communication on Windows 7.

For this I followed the below document and installed solution provided by Toshiba


Note: You have to have the dongle connected at all time, do not remove it when you are following the steps

Note2: Some of the windows from the screenshot may not appear for you, but please proceed with the instructions nevertheless


It would be good if Bose informs this clearly that the device is not supported on Windows 7 and prior OS. Even better if they would have provided a solution. I am sure most of us would not mind paying some extra for a hassle free installation, rather than this nightmare I had to go through


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Re: Bose QC 35 II Windows 7 PC install

Hey! Thanks for following-up. I ran into the same issue at work when attempting to pair with a Windows 7 computer, funnily enough the Toshiba BT stack just works out of the box for me ... I never got prompted to plug in the adapter and it went through saying everything was fine. And I think I got the same bluetooth adapter than you do, at least the chip seems to be the same (Konig CSBLUEKEY200). 


Wish I had found this thread right away, thanks!



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Re: Bose QC 35 II Windows 7 PC install

I had to order a bluetooth dongle specifically to be able to use this product with my laptop without having to use the wire (Which is pretty annoying, but the only option for now...)

Too bad I will never be able to use my headphones wirelessly with my work PC (It has windows 7 and doesn't allow for any software installation Smiley Sad )


Thanks for the guide, and let's hope that some day in the future Bose will fix its firmware...


Re: Bose QC 35 II Windows 7 PC install

Hi all!


We appreciate everyone reaching out. I am sorry to hear you are having all this trouble pairing with your computer.


I'm including a link here to a post where we have compiled all of our best troubleshooting steps for computer-based connectivity issues with Bluetooth products, I hope that this helps!  


I hope that you have a great day!


Thanks again,


Tony - Community Support

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Re: Bose QC 35 II Windows 7 PC install

I followed the installation steps which Narahari linked to ( http://plugable.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/bose_win7_workaround_update1.pdf )

This finally got my device working with my windows 7 laptop! Thanks a lot for that Smiley Happy


The only issue I have now is that every time the device goes out of range from the dongle, windows goes back to playing audio over the speakers (which is quite annoying, but can be circumvented by muting before pairing), and the headphones won't work anymore when they get reconnected.
Points of interest:
The audio bar visible in device manager lights up implying it's sending audio to the device, but no sound is coming out.

In sound mixer the bars all stay empty


The only work-around I found that fixes this issue is to disconnect, delete, and then re-pair the headphone.


If anyone could offer a better work-around than re-pairing every time this happens, that would be great.


@Tony_G Unfortunately the bluetooth driver update didn't fix the issue on my laptop. Luckily the work-around with the CSR 4.0 dongle worked Smiley Happy

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Re: Bose QC 35 II Windows 7 PC install

If you want help, via teamviewer..

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Re: Bose QC 35 II Windows 7 PC install

What do you mean it wasn't designed to work with windows 7?? Before I've updated my QC 35 it was working perfectly fine with my MSI gt72 laptop without any additional devices (build in bluetooth), same with my PC and dongle, which has also windows 7 installed. After third update of QC 35 I it stopped and when I got QC 35 II it wasn't working at all. Don't tell me it wasn't designed this way, as I was able to connect without any problems both on laptop and PC wint dongle before third update.


My point is first QC had no issues at all, which means it's not problem with windows but BOSE doing that caused these problems.