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Feb 15, 2017

QC35 popping sound on half 75% or less volume

Hi all,


I just bought a pair of QC35's after reading all about how great the ANC is compared to the competition. I bought these and discovered that when listening in a medium to quiet environment, there's a TV is on loud enough to justifying buying these headphones about 15m away (noone likes subtitles), there is a light popping sound that occurs on a volume less than 100%. 


I noticed this using my Apple TV 4 - pair via blutooth to my headphones. When navigating the menu there are sounds produced as you move from one application icon to the next, after you settle on an icon for 2.5-5sec you'll hear a popping/crackling sound - very brief - almost like the headphones are having a temporary reset. ANC seems to remain intact when this noise in the headphones occurs and in a loud envirnoment I doubt you'd hear it. However, in my environment when I put on my headphones the ANC does a great job to reduce the noise around me and this becomes noticable. I mean every list you navigate on the Apple TV makes these sounds - Netflix, the menus, Infuse, Youtube when you are in a list and then a moment later you hear the headphones making a popping/crackling sound. 


Now the list and scrolling on the Apple TV is where this was first identified. I've replicated it on an iPhone by stopping and starting Youtube videos. 


What's weird is that I've found it seems to occur when it understands no further audio is coming - I'll try and explain this...

Say for instance I'm watching Netflix and I pause the video stream and wait there is not popping/crackle sound - ie. it happens when audio is for lack of a better word disengaged. The menus are not going to create further sound without interaction and so once the sound has played it's like the headphones make this sound like they're switching off the aduio channel or something.


I've been reading this blog the last couple of days and have been upgrading and downgrading my headphones to see if the issue is firmware related, but it's not. It happens on both 1.0.6 and 1.2.10 firmware versions (my 2c is that the ANC does in fact get worse in 1.2.10). 


I'm here to see if anyone else can find a fairly quiet evironment and take a moment to see if they notice what I have or if my headphones may be defective.


Any questions, just reply below. 

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Dec 23, 2016

Re: QC35 popping sound on half 75% or less volume

Hi Tram,


I'm sorry that no one else has responded to your interesting and comprehensive post. I don't have an Apple TV. All I can add to the conversation is that I tried to replicate your results on my iPad and Windows 10 PCs. I can't get that popping sound that you're experiencing.


I hope that someone else sees your post and has something to add.