[QC35II] Google Assitant in Spanish

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[QC35II] Google Assitant in Spanish

Hi all,


I configured successfully the Google Assitant in English (US) on my Android, but I want to configure it in Spanish (Spain). If I configure my phone in Spanish (Spain) language, the button for selecting Google Assitant in the Bose + App (btw great work with the app) appears in grey scale, like this option is not available. I assume that the app choose to enable or disable this option reading the language of the system.


Google released Google Assitant for Spanish (Spain) langauge at the end of the 2017. Can you make this option available for the Spanish language?




Re: [QC35II] Google Assitant in Spanish

Hi, Hector!


Thanks so much for reaching out!  I'd like to welcome you to the community.  I have passed this feedback along to the team as a feature request and I will happily update you with any new information that I hear back!


I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts here.


Please let us know if you need anything and take care,

Shiloh - Bose Support 

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Re: [QC35II] Google Assitant in Spanish


I really appreciate that. Thanks!