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Apr 4, 2019

QC35II button, phone assistant & ANC level



I believe that the there was change to the functionality of the QC35II's button - 

I was used to control ANC level with a single press, and to activate my phone's assistant with a long press.

However, now both a short press and a long press perform the same action, which I specify in the app.

For a device that has a single active configurable button, it doesn't make sense not to employ both activation methods,

and by doing so, doubling the options of the headphone's button functionality. Please give me back my controls!


And while on the subject, why not give us users what we've been asking for such a long time - 

being able to control the default ANC level, so that we don't need to change from high to low every time we turn them on.

It seems so easy to implement - not even requiring a change in the firmware, just add it to the app - and it will do the rest.


It's only being addressed since 2017 ...



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Feb 26, 2019

Re: QC35II button, phone assistant & ANC level

Hi there @eyalg and thanks for taking the time to post. I'd be happy to clarify here!


The button on the left earcup is bound to either adjust the noise-cancelling or to activate a specific voice-assistant (such as Alexa or Google Voice Assistant). 

You can still activate the assistant of the phone directly (such as Siri) by pressing and holding the multi-function button on the right earcup!


With regards to the ability to set a default ANC level, I can see that you requested this from us before! I have passed the feedback along again for you to see if this can be integrated in the future.


Please give that button a try and confirm that this operates as you intended. Please let me know if you have any questions or further suggestions!


Liam W - Community Support