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Apr 8, 2020

QC35II mic unusable - sensitivity too low? Oversensitivity causing mis-calibration?


Device has been successfully used for Android phone conversations as well as Discord on Mac conversations



1. At some point, it appeared that the mic stopped working.  Phone call recipients cannot hear my voice and it does not register on discord.


2. I notice on discord after mute mic/unmute mic that the level jumps very high then cuts off.


3. After further investigation, it appears that if I firmly engage my lips over the mic and make noise, it will replicate it.





The mic on the headset appears to be connected, but miscalibrated.  Upon mute/unmute of the mic the level meter for input on discord spikes then shows nothing.  I can only obtain output from the mic if I literally cover it with my mouth and make noise.


This used to work, then stopped about nine months ago.  I have taken three hours to step through the forum, try all the diagnostics including reloading firmware 4.5.2, downgrading to 4.3.6, and re-upgrading to 4.5.2.   The same insensitive mic (or over sensitive mic depending on how you look at it) persists.


What could be causing this?


How can I get this back to a working state?


Re: QC35II mic unusable - sensitivity too low? Oversensitivity causing mis-calibration?

Hello rosskevin, 


Thanks for reaching out. Welcome to the Bose Community. 


I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with the microphone on your headphones. This certainly shouldn't be happening. 


I would recommend checking the device's input level adjustments on the dedicated apps you are using as well as in the system preferences of your mac to be sure input hasn't been drastically reduced. 


It sounds like you are having issues on multiple devices, however, so it may suggest there is a fault with the headphones. Has anything gotten into ports of the microphone perhaps that could be blocking sound from getting through? 


If you continue to have issues, please reach out to local support here to discuss your options for service. 



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