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Sep 16, 2018

QC35ii - Factory shipped Firmware - Serial ending AE vs Firmware on Serial ending AZ


I returned my AE ending serial Bose due to the ANC issue following a firmware update I believe from 4.1.3 (i cant remember exactly what firmware thye came with i assumed 4.1.3 from other user reports on forum, some web sources suggest it was 2.2.1. I have just received a replacement AZ ending serial number set. I haven't opened it yet but judging by the user comments on these forums the AZ serial devices have THE SAME ISSUE!!!

What firmware version are the AZ ending serial QC35 ii's shipped with?

I want a pair of AE ending serial headphones on the original factory 2.2.1 or 4.1.3 firmware whichever it was on factory please.

Can this be arranged?

I don't want or need AugmentedReality (AR feature) I want the ANC that worked perfectly on the original factory firmware on my headphones with serial ending AE.