QC45 Release Date?

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QC45 Release Date?

I've seen a LOT of sites selling the QC35 II at a discounted price, and I'm very interested but don't wont to buy now and find they're imminently releasing an updated version.

Do Bose have a standard release cycle? I am unfamiliar with their releases.

If not, are there rumours on release dates/new features/price?

If they'll be significantly more expensive, without many new features I may just buy now.


Re: QC45 Release Date?

Hi maxjon77,


Thanks for posting. That's a great question. We do not have any information about any new products at the moment. I would recommend continuing to watch both our Facebook page and here in the community for any new announcements! 




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Re: QC45 Release Date?

I do not work for Bose so here is my opinion you can take with a grain of salt Smiley Happy

They will release new products imho for pretty much everything between now and the end of the summer (for holiday season).  Why?  Well for one thing, they need products that support functionality that was added over the last 2 to 3 years with Bluetooth 5.0 and 5.1.  Their current products only support 4.1.  BT 5.x provides better throughput (to enable faster communication and communication with multiple devices at once) and much longer distances to name but two features.  Wikipedia has many more details.  There have been products such as phones for a while that support BT 5.x such as the iPhones 8 and X.  Many other smart devices and even Mac and Windows devices will support BT 5.   And that is just the BT upgrades.  As I am NOT an industry technical analyst, I won't even begin to try to itemize other functional improvements.