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Jan 4, 2019

Qc 35 II ANC after firmware upgrade

i received my first Bose headset yesterday - QC 35 II


i installed the App (android) and was prompted to update the firmware - 3.1.8, which i did


Now the ANC seems MUCH poorer - there is no "pressure" feeling, and there is a lot of white noise.  also there is no discernable difference between High and Low - just a hissing that makes them difficult to wear


I am really upset - this was within 1 hr of getting them!

i have tried to reset etc - all the same


is there anything i can do?  Can i rtn them - but they are now used (for 1 hr)


please help

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Qc 35 II ANC after firmware upgrade

I don;t work for Bose.  They no longer offer an option to undo firmware upgrades / install a previous version.  You may be able to go back to where you received them and see if you can exchange them for one with a previous firmware version.  There appears to many posts here of others who are no happy with the ANC after the firmware upgrade.  I have not read anything here from Bose saying there a plans to change ANC again in 2019 but who knows? 🙂


Re: Qc 35 II ANC after firmware upgrade

Hi northy,


Thanks for posting. We can confirm that no changes were made to ANC with any of our updates. We do hear you and after every update we to exhaustive testing to make sure that you will still be able to enjoy your headphones with the same great quality we pride ourselves on. We encourage you to check out this post.


An ANC Note From Your Community Moderation Team


As always, if you feel like your headset is not working properly for any reason we encourage you to reach out to your local support team for assistance. Here is a link you can use. Click on your region, scroll down until you see "Contact Us."




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Jan 12, 2019

Re: Qc 35 II ANC after firmware upgrade

i lost my login details - hence Northy1


Anyway - there was 100% a difference after the firmware and i cannot afford to spend £250 GBP on something that doesnt work as well as it did 2 hrs prior - so sadly after being a Bose customer for less than 1/2 day i sent them back and have been refunded...will buy Sony or a cheaper model