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Aug 20, 2017

Qc30 static and clicking noises on left side

I am hearing this annoying clicky and loose wire noises on left ear from yesterday.


I have this headphone for 7 months now and this is the second big issue that I encounter with that.


This is not a software issue and I thing there is a loose wire or something inside the headphoe because it is happening even when I am not paired with any device. It is also there even during listening to something. something is lose.


Is there any service manual for this headphone? I may need to fix it by myself. I am not sure if local warranty can cover it.


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Dec 15, 2016

Re: Qc30 static and clicking noises on left side

Hello askar1347,


Thank you for reaching out! Sorry to hear about the experience you are having with your headset. There is no service manual available. If you feel concerned about any loose wiring inside your headset, I would recommend contacting your local Bose Support for further assistance. They will discuss your available options. 


HERE is a link to get contact information. Just click on your region, scroll down and click "contact us".


Let me know how this goes with an update. 


Thank you and have a great one!


Mohsin - Community Support