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Mar 3, 2019

QuietComfort 35 I is Turning On By Itself

My QuietComfort 35 i has been turning on by itself recently, no matter what I try. Wasn't an issue before (received it as a gift in 2016), but started this week out of nowhere. I have tried some of the "solutions" online, to no success, and would like to know what I can do or who I can contact regarding this issue. These are expensive headphones and I take great care of them, so I expect them to work properly and will not be satisfied with less.

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: QuietComfort 35 I is Turning On By Itself

@rafaelguanaes  Its a very well known issue here and it affects probably hundreds if not thousands of units.  Mine were turned back last Nov with the same symptoms.  The group consensus here is that the problem is due to the shifting of the contacts in the on/off switch.  Bose has no official explanation yet - they are still 'testing'.  There is no workaround other than keeping it charging whenever it is not in use.


Here are your options

1. Live with it until Bose decides how to handle it for all

2. Sell or otherwise give away the QC35i

3. If you are a DIYer, follow the instructions elsewhere in this forum to open it up and fix it yourself (be very careful about the little spring).  There are instructions with pictures.  Every single person who has followed the instructions and checked in here after doing it said the problem permanently went away.

4. Call Bose support, do their trouble shooting and then explain you are part of this larger group and ask for a free exchange for a QC35ii (even out of warantee).  They will probably ask you to pay for the exchange.  Do not do so.  Call back and try again or escalate to a supervisor and keep doing so until you get relief.  You may have to ask to be connected to a support supervisor in Framingham, Mass (their HQ).  Those who were persistent eventually got a free exchange.