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May 3, 2018

Replacement Program for Defective QC25

Last week, the left ear cup of my QC25 is getting a crackling sound and it's very annoying until last week it lost its sound! So frustrating! I paid $380.00 for it and I thought it was my dream headphones came true but it become a nightmare headphones for me. I went to Bose store today and they told me that it cannot be repaired anymore. It is so unbelievable! I was offered to trade-off my defective QC25 and get only 25% off on the new QC25! Such a bull****! I worked hard for the money I spent for this QC25 and this is only what I will get?! It is so unfair! I believe I have a right to have a replacement for my hard earned QC25! I thought Bose is the gold standard of products and services when it comes to audio equipment. I'm beginning to lose my trust with Bose.