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Apr 13, 2018

Rubber peeling away from buttons

Hello, Bose community.


I love, love, love my Bose bluetooth earphones but the rubber has started to pull away from the buttons. =(


It started a month or so ago when the rubber cover over the volume controls started to peel up and away from the housing. For a while I was able to tuck the rubber back under the plastic, but it wouldn't stay in place. I thought it was maybe something I had done but then the bottom of the volume control started to peel up as well.



Now the rubber around the right earphone is pulling back. It didn't effect function at first. However, there was a little plastic bit in there that triggered the on/off when you pressed on the rubber housing. The rubber pulled up enough for that little piece to fall out and the electronics below are exposed.




Is there an adhesive or something that can keep the rubber in place? Any suggestions would be very appreciated. I love these headphones.



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Aug 25, 2017

Re: Rubber peeling away from buttons

Good morning, my friend!


Thank you for taking the time to reach out!  I'm sorry to see that you're experiencing this issue.


I would recommend reaching out to customer support to see what your available options are, you can use this link.  Just select your country and scroll down to where you see "contact us".  


I hope that you have a lovely day!


Take care,

Shiloh - Community Support