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Apr 25, 2018

Second pair that does not work for the past two years


This is the second QuietComfort device that I have bought, both devices have issues for the past two years.

First it was QuietComfort 25, after a year the cloth of one of the sides was torn (Aperantly my ears are sharp as of Elves)

Second one is QuietComfort 35, worked for a year, now the bluetooth refuses to work at all. Updated firmware, did not help. Android app does not find the device at all, and the light indicator of bluetooth in the headphone does not work. The voice which always notified of a pair success, does not work also. Clearing the list by holding the trigger for 10 seconds also does not work.

Overall, I have spent around 600$ on both devices which both does not work well after short time.

Tomorrow I am going to buy PXC 550, moving to another company, hoping for a better device.

I have customer support in my country but I do not believe they will do anything. Going to another city in hopes for a miracle and a good customer support just not worth the time IMO.

Just wanted to share my experiance with other people on the forum.