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To whom it may concern:


I have a pair of Bose Quietcomfort 35 earphones (not Quietcomfort 35ii).  When I began using them, they were a wonderful product.  The sound and the noise cancelling was wonderful.  However, around 2 weeks ago, when I installed the app on my smartphone, I was informed of a new firmware and it was installed on the headphones (going from the factory installed 1.0.6 to 3.1.8).  This firmware updated has completely destroyed the brilliance of the headphones.  The noise cancelling is completely different, horrible different.  This is not a mere perception.  I can now hear coworkers on the other side of my office space.  Before I could barely perceive the ring from the phone next to me and now it is quite obvious.  I can hear people and conversations clearly around me.   I do not mean to say that there is no noise cancelling; I can tell a difference between the hi and low options.  However, for some reason, the algorithm has changed or whatever and basically turned these wonderful headphones into extremely expensive plastic pieces of **bleep**.  Sorry, but yeah, **bleep**. 


I have attempted to downgrade the firmware, however I could only roll back to 1.5.1.  Is it impossible to return to the original 1.0.6?  It must be.  I have seen several forum threads and articles addressing this, however none have been useful.  Comments by Bose moderators on the Bose forums seem to imply that there is no problem, then speak of a solution, but nothing is resolved. I have read the comments by bose moderators about resetting the device, ensuring that the headphone cups and correctly placed/sealed around the ears, etc.  Nothing has helped. Also, the computer and smartphone I use are up to date, so please do not give me a response implying that they have something to do with this.  The problem began EXACTLY when the 3.1.8 firmware was installed.

I don't know what the (BOSE) issue is (or rather, failure to solve this).  I don't care about Alexa, or SIri, or Google Assistant (perhaps these are amazing new features according to Bose, but to me they are pluses, and not really necessary).  I admit, before there was a slight bluetooth connection issue every now and then, but it wasn't so horrible.  No Alexa and the occasional bluetooth drop are a mere annoyances compared to losing wonderful noise cancelling.  I just want the great noise cancelling restored. 


I am unfortunately completely dissatisfied with this once brilliant product.  Please inform me if there is a way to return to the original factory-installed settings (firmware 1.0.6) to hopefully return to how it was before.  If not, I will need a replacement or a refund (however this isn't ideal).  This (degradation of noise canelling) is completely unacceptable.


Thank you for helping me to successfully resolve this issue and regain my trust in the Bose brand.


Re: Sorry, another Bose QC35 quality complaint (FIRMWARE UPGRADE DESTROYED WONDERFUL NOISE CANCEL...

Hello another bose user! Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community.


I am sorry to hear that you are having this experience. As you may have seen from previous threads here in the Community, Active Noise Canceling (ANC) is one of our flagship technologies and something that we safeguard very closely. This has been an issue reported by a small number of users for every firmware version after updating since 2016. Our official statement can be seen HERE. The firmware updates typically make minor changes for improved operation with connected devices as wireless technology advances. 


At this time it is not possible to downgrade to version 1.0.6. Please look for a DM from us as I would like to collect a little more information from you to see how we might be able to assist you further.


Best Regards,


Greg - Community Support