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May 21, 2019

SoundSport Left Sqeaking

I bought a pair of SoundSport, the ones wired together. Love them, fit well, sound great, better than the wired Bose earphones ive replaced. The only issues i have, and it is a really annoying one, is that the left bud sqeaks when im running. It is where the wire from the other bud goes into the left bud and sqeaks as the cable moves when im running. Ive connected the cable to my running top but it still sqeaks.

Has anyone had this same issue and is there anything i can do or am i stuck with the sqeak? Ive been offered an exchange by Bose but im not sure the replacement will be any different as it appears to be a design fault. I might end up returning them and buying another brand but i dont really want to do that as they are the best imho.