SoundSport free lag issue

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SoundSport free lag issue

I purchased my SoundSport Free's over a day ago because of the amazing sound quality, great battery life and portability. Quickly I noticed the audio lag and like many people experiencing this problem I tried everything I could to mitigate it, from resetting my phone, disconnecting and reconnecting the headphones multiple times, trying multiple devices, checking for more recent firmware updates, trying a multitude of different streaming apps (I originally had this problem while using YouTube), and even resetting my internet router to see if it was a connection issue on my side. After my methods had proven ineffective I decided I would give the headphones some time to rest because I had been tampering with this them for an hour and constantly disconnecting and reconnecting the headphones could be my problem. So today I had been experiencing the same problem and decided it was finally time to throw in the towel and see if the internet had my answer.


Immediately I was sent to this URL and to my astonishment thousands of people were experiencing this same problem. After hours of reading online forums it became clear to me that this was a very relevant problem and has been since late 2017. But what surprised me the most was how Bose has been handling this situation.I wouldn't say they have been neglecting the problem because they have released firmware updates, but this has been an obstacle for well over a year and honestly I think Bose probably turned a blind eye towards the mass amount of complaints. It's also very disheartening to see the response - or lack thereof - to this problem. The only responses I have seen to this issue are from the Moderators on this site and no official statement or apology from Bose.


I will say that if my only intent was to use these for listening to music or podcasts then I would be very satisfied because the sound quality is second to none. However, as a constant user of streaming platforms, this is too big of a setback for me.


This is the first (and last) product I have purchased from Bose. I think it's terrible that a company, especially as big as Bose is, has done so little to try and neutralize this problem. Not to mention they are still charging a high price for a product that is not fully functional. I can’t support a company that neglects such a large demographic of their customers.