SoundSport left ear stopped working

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SoundSport left ear stopped working

The headphone were perfectly fine until a sudden loss of audio onnthe left side. It was during a normal gym session like any other day for the last year. Any hints from the community on what could be wrong?
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Re: SoundSport left ear stopped working

Device manufactured March 2017.
Did all troubleshooting.

Also updated it to latest firmware from bose connect, still the same problem. Left side is silent.

If this is a hardware failure i will be very disappointed with my purchase of such a highly reputable brand..

Re: SoundSport left ear stopped working

Hello Serge.Y,


Thanks for reaching out to us here. We're sorry you're having issues with one of the earbuds. We appreciate the troubleshooting steps you've done, and we understand it can be frustrating when a product stops working correctly. We're here to help you with that. Just to be sure, which version of the SoundSport headphones do you have? 


Have you verified the headphones seem to be charging correctly and for how long? 


Let us know your findings when you get the chance. 



Thanks again!



Mohsin - Community Support