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Nov 19, 2017

SoundTrue Ultra In Ear wire splitting

I purchased my earbuds on November 25, 2016, on Amazon, but sold by Bose. The wire above the volume and pause control has started to split open and expose the internal wiring. The audio as of yet is unaffected but I worry that the audio will soon go. Is there a fix for the wire splitting (electrical tape possibly?) or am I out of luck.

Re: SoundTrue Ultra In Ear wire splitting

Hi Nick!


Sorry to hear that this is happening with your headphones.  I would recommend reaching out to customer support here or if it is an option, returning the headphones to the store where you purchased them and exchanging.  Support would also be able to help you with exchange options.  The tape could work as a short-term fix, but, the wire would still be an issue and eventually would need to be replaced.  Typical warranty is 1 year in the US and 2 years in Europe so I would recommend the exchange while you're still within the warranty period. 


Let me know how it goes?


Thank you kindly for posting and take care,