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Jan 1, 2019

Soundsport Free charging issues


My headphones will not charge unless my case is plugged into another power source. when it is plug in it shows all five lights solid and lit on the front. Once I disconnect no lights come one when I push the front button and my headphones do not show as charging. Headphone will also stay connected to the app and my phone when placed into the charging case. I have only owned these for a week. Im pretty disappointed with this issue 


Re: Soundsport Free charging issues

Hi Djhime,


Thanks for reaching out to us on the community. Sorry for the trouble you're experiencing with your headphones! It sounds like its an issue with the charging case not receiving a charge anymore. We can understand that is frustrating, especially since you just bought/receive them it seems. The Bose limited warranty provides coverage in case your product malfunctions and if you contact our service team, they can help you with that and get you back up and running again. 


Another alternative we suggest is to follow up with the authorized reseller where the point of purchase occurred to see if they can be of any assistance. 


Can you also let us know if you tried updating the headphones by visiting btu.bose.com? Instructions on how to perform an update will be on the site. 



Thank you again,



Mohsin - Community Support