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Jan 28, 2019

Soundsport free not working

Hi Bose,

Please fix this issue! its been over a year since the first post about this problem, I have no choice than to return this item and never buy and recommend Bose.

So much work from your engineers and developers to be washed down by bad operational and sales decisions of putting this product in the market in the first place.

Your expensive product does not connect to windows 10 and its not a windows 10 issue or else all other brands would have the same issue. Its a Bose issue. I’m sick of 50 line responses from your support staff suggesting "temporary workarounds" that work for one or two uses and then the underlying issues creeps back again and I’m left with a useless product.

Where and how can I return this product? its faulty from the factory obviously as you can see the number of issues being raised here.




Re: Soundsport free not working

Hi Chris,


If you would like to return them, I would recommend contacting your local Bose support team. They will be able to assist you further with returns in your region.


Kind Regards,


Brandon_C - Community Support