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Nov 4, 2019

Soundsport free wireless not connecting

My soundsport free don't connect to my phone any more. I have updated the firmware. When locating the earbuds using the Bose connect app it will always find the left one, but only find the right one if it is in the case. The left buds white light flashes, but the right one does not when I take them out of the case. When put back in the case, the charging lights flash a couple of times then goes solid, indicating that they are fully charged.


Re: Soundsport free wireless not connecting

Hello Dougal11, 


Many thanks for reaching out to the Bose Community. Welcome to the site! 


I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your SoundSport Free wireless headphones. 


Can you kindly try the following in an attempt to troubleshoot the issue? 


Check connections


Check all contact points to ensure they are free of debris/corrosion to enable the buds to both charge fully. Are you seeing any LEDs when the earbuds are docked?


Clear all paired devices


On the headphones, hold the button on the left bud for around 10 seconds or until you hear a voice prompt advise all devices have been cleared. After doing this, please remove the headphones from your phone. Go to Settings > Bluetooth Settings > locate the headphones, then either tap the cog icon or the ⓘ icon, then tap 'forget device.'


Note: The headphones work in a puppet/master fashion where the Bluetooth signal is sent from the media device to the right earbud. It is then carried on from the right bud to the left. Without the right bud, you will be unable to establish a connection to your device. 


If you continue to have issues with this, I would recommend reaching out to local support to discuss service options. Details can be found [here.]


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get back in touch. If anyone else is having similar issues, please try the above recommendations, and feel free to join in the discussion!


Kind regards, 


Jeff G - Community Support

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