Soundsport free won't power on

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Soundsport free won't power on

Just purchased a brand new pair of soundsport free headphones. Powered them on and connected them to my phone via Connect app and all was well. Put them in the case overnight to charge and the right earbud is now completely unresponsive. The charge case shows it is present and has a full charge but when it is removed from the case nothing happens. The left earbud does power on and if I use the Connect app to find my buds it will find and tone only the left earbud. How do I power on the earbud manually?

Re: Soundsport free won't power on

Hey, Bri!


Thanks so kindly for reaching out.  Congratulations on your new headphones!  Let's get that resolved for you.  based off of what you've described I would like to suggest that you reach out to customer support, you can use this link.  Just select your country and scroll down to where you see "contact us".  Please let me know if you hit any snags or need anything else.


Take care and have a beautiful week!



Shiloh - Bose Support