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Mar 15, 2019

Sport free fall out

Is there any accessory that I can install on the sport free to keep them from falling out?  I have tried all the tips and have watched the videos.  They fit ok but after about five minutes, they fall out.  I think a wrap around tip woud at least prevent them from falling to the gound and being stepped on.  

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Feb 26, 2019

Re: Sport free fall out

Hi Leotex,


Thank you for reaching out! Welcome to the community!


The design of the ear tips allow you to wedge the wing inside the cartilage of your ear. The wing sits underneath the cartilage preventing the ear tip from exiting the canal of the ear. How I use my SoundSport Free is by pushing the tip in my ear, then rotating the ear bud 45 degrees in my ear. This makes a nice tight fit between the canal and the cartilage.


Let me know if this is still unsuccessful. We don't currently have any accessories to keep these in your ears anymore than the StayHear+ currently do.


Kind Regards,


Brandon_C - Community Support