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Sep 29, 2018

Suppress ONLY disconnect and reconnect messages?

I have the same problem that RichSad mentioned late last year. My AE2 SoundLink headphones are paired with both my iPhone and MacBook. When I'm listening on my iPhone, I'm often interrupted by "disconnected from" or "connected to" messages as I move in and out of Bluetooth range of my MacBook. This is especially annoying when it happens during a phone call, and I miss part of the conversation.


The suggestion that RichSad received was to use the Bose Connect app to disable voice prompts completely. That works, but it's really not an ideal solution. While it does put an end to interruptions caused by voice prompts, it also seems to prevent the headphones from giving me useful information when I first turn them on (namely, the state of charge and the devices that were initially connected).


It would be much better if the Bose Connect app provided two separate controls to enable (1) startup voice messages, and (2) subsequent connect/disconnect messages. I'm quite sure that I'm not the only customer who walks around their house while their headphones are connected to two different Bluetooth devices. After all, the ability to move about freely is one of the reasons why many of us chose to purchase a Bluetooth-enabled device in the first place.


Would your software developers consider adding this to a future version of the firmware and Bose Connect app? It seems to me that it's something that wouldn't be terribly difficult to add. Thanks!


Re: Suppress ONLY disconnect and reconnect messages?

Hi learn2see,


Thanks for posting. I can assure you that our engineers monitor these threads and your suggestion will be considered for a future update! 


Have a great day!


Tony - Community Support