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Dec 26, 2017

Taotronics BR07, QC35 and Rogelio amplifer

Can anyone help? My husband (who has very different music tastes to me) has a rotel amplifier and Marantz CD player and for Christmas I bought him the QC35 headphones and as recommended a taotronics BR07 wireless receiver. I have plugged receiver in to the amplifier but can not get it to pair with the headphones 🎧Can anyone help?.


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Dec 15, 2016

Re: Taotronics BR07, QC35 and Rogelio amplifer

Hello Salmonpuss,


Thank you for reaching out to the community. We'd be happy to help you here! Can you check your Marantz CD player for a headphone jack on the back? Try plugging the Taotronics there and make sure it's in Bluetooth transmitter mode according to the product manual found here: TT-BA07 User Manual 


Also, to place to the QC35 headset in discovery mode:

  1. Slide the power button all the way to the right (to the Bluetooth symbol) and hold until you hear, "Ready to pair new device" or you see the Bluetooth indicator blinking blue.

Can you let me know your findings when you get the chance? 


Thank you,