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Jun 19, 2019

Tested out the 700 at BB and feedback. Sounds good but..

Sounds good as QC35ii. Looks okay. Noise canceling no worse than QC35ii but did not feel better than Sony XM3. May be need more testing to feel any improvements.
USB C is welcome addition.


Comfort and ergonomics:


Clamping force is higher than the QC35ii. It hurts. Also, weight increase is felt for real.

Ear cups feels less cushy (it feels firm) and less roomy. In comparison even Sony XM3 feels better on this front now. Headband adjustment has no feedback compared to QC35ii. Headband cushion feel like plastic air pillow versus soft clothy felt like material on the QC35ii cushion. It feels like a piece of inflated pleather air pillow.

Ear cups rotate outward so cannot rest them around the neck when not in use like you can do with the Sony XM3. No improvement from QC35ii.


Buttons from QC35ii will be missed. Touch control has no raised directional dots to give feedback. Touch area is too small.


Cannot fold the headphone for smaller packing foot print.


Suggestions for QC45: Keep the buttons from QC35ii. Keep the same material for headband cushion. Keep the same size,material and cushy feel for the ear cups as QC35ii. Flat clicky/ratcheting headband vesus round headband with no feedback. Maintain the fold to pack packing headband profile of QC35ii.


Make the ear cups rotate inward so that it can be rested around the neck when not in use.


Maintain the same weight as QC35ii. Who wants to carry more weight on their head?


Incorporate USB-C and any improvments in battery life and noise cancellation and call quality.

That is it.


Looks like Bose 700 is designed to please the instagram crowd. And also the Youtube unboxers and bloggers who seem to be always clamoring to change the designs of existing products that function perfectly fine. The ones who don't like buttons or bezels on a smartphone or don't like user replaceable batteries and want hole punch or notch on displays.


(BTW, I own the QC35ii, Revolve+ and the Soundwear)