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Feb 24, 2018

Thoughts on the QC30 vs Soundsport Wireless

Hm... not sure if I can start a thread just for discussion (or should I use reddit?), because it seems that most posts are mentioning ‘faults’... this forum seems more like a ‘support’ forum.


Anyway... I just got my QC30s! My initial thoughts:


1) The noise cancelling is really good (when set on max ANC that is!). Water kettles are reduced in noise, typing the keyboard, walking outside you can’t hear the wind and car engine/tyre sound are reduced etc. Pretty amazing. 


2) It is annoying that you can not turn off the ANC! It would have been great to turn this just off in quiet rooms. It seems that the ANC makes more noise than reduces noise in such rooms. When compared this to my Soundsport Wireless (without ANC), in a quiet room you hear ‘nothing’, but with the QC30 you hear this very faint white noise, like the beach is at the far back. 


3) lower the ANC increase or reveals white noise? Well, I got this on firmware 1.1.9, when you turn down the ANC to 80% the white noise was already noticeable (louder if you reduces the ANC). With the latest firmware 1.3.6, I only start hearing the white noise from 50% or less. So improved, I hope more improvement there.


4) Haven’t really tried the calling function yet...we’ll see.


So, it does seem that in more quiet environments the ANC actually produces  (white) noise than simply making no-noise, especially compared to the non-ANC Soundsport wireless this is super obvious (or by turning off the QC30 the noise dissappears and quietness returns). Would be great to just turn off the ANC, rather than having it on the ‘lowest’ setting.