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Mar 23, 2020

Unbalanced sound with my Bose 700 Headphones

I bought my Bose 700 headphones about 3 months ago and loved them until I started noticing that the sound & ANR have become unbalanced. The left side is louder than the right and the ANR also follows this issue. I tried to reset the headphones but it didn't work. I need a solution.. I paid way too much to start experiencing issues like these. I read in other forums people experiencing similar issues. Please advise! Thank you.



Re: Unbalanced sound with my Bose 700 Headphones

Hey @npvalle,


That doesn't sound right at all! Apologies for the inconvenience.


Out of curiosity, what device are you using with your 700 headphones? Have you tried connecting to any other devices to seem if the issue persists?


If you haven't, clear the pairing list on the headphones and connected device as shown HERE.


I want to help you find a resolution so I'd love to hear back.

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