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Mar 26, 2020

Using Bose QC 35 ii Headset with 'Your Phone' App in Windows 10

G'day to the Bose community.

When you search for a telephone number on google, I need to type this manually into my phone rather than having the PC manage the number and phonecall. This is a first world problem, but I would like to be able to achieve this in some way.

Currently I am trying a standard app on my Windows 10 PC. The app is called 'Your Phone'. It seems that this software doesn't like my Bluetooth headset (Bose QC35ii). Essentially my ideal is to hook up my phone to the PC so I can manage my calls through the PC. eg PHONE ----> PC ----> BOSE 35ii.

Currently if I answer through the PC (Managing phonecalls through the PC) the Bluetooth part of the headset seems to disconnect from the phone. Ordinarily, if I receive a phonecall through the phone (Samsung S7) I can use my headset to answer calls using the multipurpose button on the headset. When I introduce the middleman (The Windows 10 PC) the system seems to fall apart. I can answer calls but not through the headset. I cannot talk/listen through the headset when this happens.

Any help/suggestions on a work around, another app etc would be helpful.