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Feb 17, 2017

Using a QC 35 for gaming on the PC.

Ok, After many fruitless hours of trying to get stereo + mic to work (bluetooth limitation, you can't get both it seems).


I have given up and moved to using the cable. Sadly, that ALSO is giving me grief.

I have brought a 3.5" stereo / mic splitter, so I can plug into the stereo + mic ports on the computer.


The stereo is good, REALLY good. But it doesn't seem to want to send any mic signal. by plugging in another mic, I can test that works (and also get sound when plugging and unplugging the mic). But I can't seem to get the QC 35 to do voice at the same time.


Is this a restriction of the headphones? The cable? the firmware (1.0.6)?


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Dec 23, 2016

Re: Using a QC 35 for gaming on the PC.

Hi Blair,


I don't think the QC35 cable carries the microphone signal from the headset. There have been some other discussions about this, and one person tried using a QC25 cable. It looked like it might work because there was an inline microphone in the cable, but that didn't work.


I think that you may have to get a third-party boom microphone. That's not a recommendation, just something I found by doing a search.


Does that help?


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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Using a QC 35 for gaming on the PC.

ST is correct.  If you look at the cable on the QC35 there are two black bands.  They essentially seperate the signals for left and right audio (whereas the QC25 cable has a third for Mic/remote controls).


I don't think using the 25 cable would work and neither would a splitter.  The communication is really just designed for mobile devices via BT which should also work with selected PC/Apple programs such as Skype, but it really depends upon the program/game to have the right protocols.