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Mar 23, 2020

Using my non-Bose headphones with my Bose SoundTouch wireless link

I want to use my Beats Studio 3 headphones with my Bose SoundTouch wireless link as a studio monitor. I have the SoundTouch connected to my Bose T4S ToneMatch mixer using a mini-jack to 1/4" adapter to the headphone jack on the side of the T4S. I have the other end plugged into the back of the SoundTouch box in the AUDIO OUT jack. This should work, right? Then when I try to pair my headphones with the SoundTouch box, nothing. Suggestions?


Re: Using my non-Bose headphones with my Bose SoundTouch wireless link

Hi David,


That sounds like a pain, but I think you're on the right path.


Could you confirm, are you trying to transmit the audio from your ToneMatch mixer to be heard by your Beats headphones?


What you may want to try is instead of connecting the cable into the AUDIO OUT jack on the SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter, try the AUX IN. This way, the audio is coming out of your mixer, then going into the adapter, to be transmitted out to your headphones via Bluetooth.


It'd be worth a try - let me know if that resolves the issue!

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