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Feb 11, 2019

White Noise Level Increases Over Time of Use



I recently bought a pair of QC35 II headphones via Amazon Prime. Initially I was quite happy with the active noise cancellation especially compared to the QC15s they replaced. Based on many good reviews, I expected the QC35 IIs to be at least as good as the QC15s, but it seems Bose engineers somehow managed to make the ANC even better. By better, I mean when I first turn them on, the white noise so prevalent on other less expensive headphones and still even present but much less so on the QC15s is now virtually non-existent with the QC35 IIs. But then after a few days I started noticeing a problem: after a few hours of use the white noise level increases substantially, mostly on just one side but not completely. I have tried the reset procedure, different bluetooth devices connected or not, different audio sources and after several weeks of testing have found that the only way to get them back to their starting low white noise level is to turn them off for a few hours, but inevitably the problem returns. If possible I would like to return these for a NIB replacement set that does have this problem, or if that is not possible, I would like a refund.


I should add that I missed the Amazon 30-day return window, otherwise I would have just returned them. Also, I should mention that I am so far not impressed with Bose's customers service options.


So far my experiences have been as follows:


1) I called the toll-free customer support number, but found only a very noisy call center with poor audio quality staffed by script-reading generic call center employees apparently in some non-english speaking country.


2) I tried searching for a local Bose service center and found a webpage with toll-free number, but when I called that number an automated voice asked my if I was over 50. If I didn't respond it hung up. If I replied it started on some sales pitch for something I have no interest in.


3) I even tried online chat. But unlike virtually every reasonably customer-focused business, the chat was not even live, just an unhelpful automated troubleshooting interface.


All of this gives me a very bad impression of Bose, but to be honest, if I can get a NIB replacement that does not have this problem or a full refund I will be ok. If not, I will definitely be documenting my experience on Amazon and sending these headhpones directly to the CEO of Bose to demand the same. I am not kidding. Your product is too expensive for this kind poor cusomer service and runaround.


Also, to reiterate:


1) I have already tried the reset procedure several times.

2) I have confirmed using the Android Bose app that I have the latest software/firmware update.

3) I have tried several different audio sources and devices




John T. Winslow


Re: White Noise Level Increases Over Time of Use

Hi jtwinslow,


Thanks for posting, I am so sorry to hear about your experience so far. We will DM you to gather more information.




Tony G - Community Support