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Apr 6, 2018

Why does Bose keep on releasing product with Micro USB vs USB-C ?

I buy most of Bose's new products, most recently the wirefree headsets.


I keep on waiting for them to ditch the Micro USB and switch to USB-C like the rest of the industry. Micro USB drives me nuts. It always takes three of four attempts to plug the tiny non reversible plug in. No such issues with USB-C.


Bose, why don't you switch to USB-C ?  Such a better experience...

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Why does Bose keep on releasing product with Micro USB vs USB-C ?

I think it's pretty standard for the type of products they sell. 

I could probably count the number of headphones that charge by USB-C on 1 hand and if I go into the nearest three electronic stores (I'm in Australia) I doubt I'd find any for sale.  I just had a quick search and most USB-C headphones are wired.   

I can't think of any portable speakers yet that do.  Even have a look at mobile phones.  If I go into a store, I'd probably find 5-10% of phones being sold use USB-C.  Yes I know the latest high-end ones do but even within a brand (eg samsung) not all phones support it yet.


Bose tend not to adapt a technology until it's more widespread and has become the standard (unless it's a technology they themselves have developed). For example HDMI-ARC  has only just come to most Bose home theatre.