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Aug 5, 2019

Will Bose ever Respond?


I've been very frustrated with Bose lately. Here are some reasons:

1. The NC 700s, I believe, were rushed to market. As a result, they have several outstanding issues that have not yet been fixed via firmware updates. Instead of being responsible and actually developing a PR team, Bose decided to be foolish and simply not publically comment on what they are doing to fix the issues. **bleep** is that about? Some examples of these issues are:

1. Conversation mode resets

2. Charging is buggy, the headphones seem to have a rounding issue regarding how much battery charge they indicate they have. Mine only go up to 19.5 hours, but a few days ago they said 20+ hours of charge. What's the deal with this?

When we ask about a firmware update to fix these issues that should've been fixed before the product went to market, all we get in return is silence! Come on Bose, how about you step up to the plate and actually have decent PR! That would really help you out, because right now lots of people, including myself, are pissed off because Bose does a horrible job of communicating to customers regarding issues! In fact, things are so annoying that I don't think I'll be buying Bose products again. Sony has them beet in **bleep** near every way!