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May 5, 2018

Wind outdoors with QC30 vs QC35

Ever since my QC35's received the update which introduced the "Low" noise cancellation mode they have performed quite admirably in the wind. 

I can be out on a bicycle or longboard with barely any wind noise!


In comparison the QC30's have abysmal wind performance.  Now that I know it is possible to tune out the wind noise (as evidenced by the QC35's), it seems like the QC30s have fallen behind in their original promise.  They seem to be marketed as the more active, on the go, still be able to hear your surroundings model, while the QC35's should be better for planes and more relaxed listening.


But in practice the QC35's have beaten the QC30's at their own game.


I still have my fingers crossed that Bose engineers can apply some of that engineering magic to give the QC30's a better outdoor partial noise cancellation mode to combat the wind more effectively.